BioSafety L3


FarmBioControl offers the new L3 Biosafety and Cleaning Service, a comprehensive service that incorporates an excellent cleaning and disinfection service. The service procures important advantages over traditional services:

  • Health benefits: preventive and curative.
  • Economic benefits: Greater productivity, resource optimization, better planning and cost reduction.
  • Ecological benefits: Healthier products and significant savings in water.
  • Quality: You can have personal advice available and offer your customers a quality seal.
What does it include?
  • The L3 Service includes FarmBioControl biosafety products. Tested and efficient products to all those aspects where biosafety is a differentiating factor: sanitary periods, troughs, footbaths, water treatment, red mite treatment, environmental disinfection, maintenance of panels, advice and treatment of biosafety scares…
  • Cleaning and disinfecting with the more innovative and efficient machine. A machine able to disinfect with water to more than 70 ° C, 350 bars and high flow pressure.
  • The peace of mind of an integral service. We deal with all the logistics. From planning, transportation, cleaning, post-program monitoring, official documentation…
  • We offer you the possibility of financing your service in monthly installments.

Biosecurity L3 service offers more advantages:

  • Effective against red mite.
  • Effective against Salmonella, Campylobacter, Coli, Legionella, flies, spiders, etc.
  • Increases productivity: cleaning takes only from 3 to 5 days, depending on the size of the facilities. This is an 8-day reduction in the cleaning of the facilities.
  • Planning and optimization of resources: reducing cleaning time improves the programming of inputs and air conditioning by advancing the following input or prolonging the current one.
  • Reduction of product costs: Dose adjustment carried out by FarmBioControl results in better efficiency, reduced product costs and a reduction in the use of chemicals and drugs.
  • Water reduction.
  • Productivity improvement of your facilities.
  • Financing: We offer an annual full service, where you make a monthly payment (planned and not immediate) that allows you to enjoy a wide range of benefits: from cleaning during safety period to environmental disinfection.
  • We plan shipments in order to suit your needs, making as many rotations as needed.
  • Centralized management of the official safety documentation.
  • We manage the transport of the products.
  • FarmBioControl will provide you with a systematic management of all your needs.